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Thanks a lot! :hugs:

Hallo, I need to bring this issue up again since all described solutions didn’t work.
Conection to iCalender works fine but for iContacts I always get:
Accountname/Passwort konnte nicht überprüft werden
Betriebssystem: Linux 5.4.0-91-generic x86_64

PHP 7.4.3

Arbeitspeicher-Grenzwert: 512 MB
Maximale Ausführungszeit: 3600
Maximale Größe zum Hochladen: 2 MB

Datenbank mysql 10.3.32 Größe: 8,4 MB

NC 23.0.0

What I performed so far:

  • renew of certificates
  • use different user account for carddev than for caldev
  • configure iContacts accont in manual and extended mode
  • with https:// and without
  • with user pw and with app special pw
    I’m running out described solutions. And no message in protocols.
    Thanks for your hints and help in advance.
    Cheers Andy

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