CAPTCHA on login screen

Requesting an option to add a CAPTCHA to the login screen to help with brute-force and DoS issues.


Nextcloud has an built-in Brute Force protection since version 10.0 ( … but you might want to open a feature request over here:

Please link to this theard and mention me with “@MariusBluem” in your Feature Request on GitHub :wink:



Knowing that Nextcloud includes a built-in Brute Force protection, I think a (re)captcha is still usefull as in my situation I am using Nextcloud behind an SSL revrese proxy and when someone brute-forces my Nextcloud through the reverse proxy all users coming that way get a message about their ip address having tried too many wrong connection attempts and thus will wait for 30 seconds to connect, but then they got an internal server error.

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