Can't webdav to new nextcloud install


I have just followed the digital ocean tutorial on how to install nextcloud with snap on a clean Ubuntu server.
I have installed it just fine and seems to all be working great, my only issue is I can’t seem to webdav from Windows creating a new network share to my server. The servers running locally and I’m using the internal IP to connect. I thought it was an issue with windows at first but I started a next cloud trial from the home page and connected to that with WebDAV just fine, I am now thinking maybe because I install it with snap I need a different path when adding my share?

Any help would be greatly appreciated if you need any more details to assist place ask me.


EDIT: server is running https with self signed certificate.


Did you create the self-signed cert for HTTPS for the hostname or a domain name? In that case I believe you need to use that name to access the server. For HTTPS connections the client checks if the domain/ hostname matches the defined name in the certificate. So when you use the IP address, that may result in a failed SSL/ TLS handshake.
I’m not 100% sure about that, but worth trying to use the server name.

What path/ URL are you using?


This slipped my mind, I seem to be able to connect fine on my mac but trying to do it on my windows machine it just asks me to add a smart card and gives no password option.
Any idea if the webdav link is different for snap installs?


EDIT: Iv tried lots of paths:


When Windows asks you for a smartcard, there is no button for other authentication methods? Usually you can hit a button in that window and choose “different account” and then enter user name and password.

The webdav link shouldn’t be different for snap installs. The following link should be correct for windows: