Can't view files though browser after freeNAS update. Webdav and other browser views OK Solved for now

Freenas Version: FreeNAS-11.3-RELEASENextcloud
Nextcloud Release: 17.1
nginx: 1.16.1
php: 7.1.33
I have rescanned the database and run occ maintenance:repair to no avail.
All the other web apps - calendar, tasks etc work etc. It just seems to be the files one that is broken.
Creating a new user works fine - a folder is created under ./data and webdav sees it OK.
Help :slight_smile:

It works again. More by luck I suspect.
I turned debugging on in config.php and couldn’t see anything that I understood in the vast file.
So I thought I’d install emacs-nox to make it easier to view.
As a byproduct php73-nextcloud got installed. Not sure how I missed that.
This wouldn’t start - php73_fpm error. Googling that issue suggested installing php72_fpm instead.
Which I did and it now works.
Executive summary - went from php71 to 72 via 73 and it works.

Are you sure? That version is not supported for quite some time! You should at least have version 16!

Ah - that was the version of the freeNAS plugin - the actual version was 17.01 - now corrected.