Can't use update feature

I’m on a shared-hoster and I’m trying to update to Nextcloud version 12. If I run the web updater I got the error message that it can’t be run due to extra files

The extra file is called httpdocs

Nextcloud is in the following folder:


I can’t use any terminal commands because I do not have root access to the server.

Could you please help me updating to version 12?

Hi @Julie112

Usually this message means, that the mentioned files and folders are withing the nextcloud directory - where you find the directories “apps”, “updater” and so on.
Could there be a second httpdocs folder:
/httpdocs/nextcloud/httpdocs ?

You would have to remove that folder if possible.

Something interesting is here:

So if you have access to the files you could try and change the /updater/index.php as suggested.