Can't use calendar & contacts app online - solved - Problems with the rights from the folders



I can not use the calendar & contacts app online. As you see on the screenshot, the icons were not shown and when i’m clicking it, i the only a white blank site. My clients (ipad direct and some adroid’s with davx5) can use it mostly, sometimes it hangs a little bit.

I deactivated the modules and reactivated it, nothing.
Updates to the last nextcloud version, nothing.

I had the same problem with the note app, but there were in the past an app update and since this time, this app functions correctly.

Did someone have an idea? I don’t want install all completly new with all clients and data.

Question: is it possible to deinstall the apps and reinstall this with no dataloss?


P.S: Sorry for my english :wink: Answers in german perfectly :wink:

I found the problem, so here for others, if they have the same problem:

I controlled all and find, that the permission of the calendar and contacts folder are rwxr-x—
All other apps have rwxr-xr-x, so I changed it and perfect. It functions normaly.
I don’t know, why they were different, but i think, in one upgrade prozess, in the past, it will be a mistake.