Can't upload some files

Hi everyone :smiley:,

I’m facing issues uploading some files to my nextcloud server. It is running on a remote location. When I’m using public IP address to access nextcloud (Web Interface or Windows Client) I can not upload some files. However, If I establish a VPN connection to the remote side then I can access to nextcloud web interface and upload these files. What could be the cause for that ?

Thanks in advance.

Please provide DETAILED information about your environment, your network design, the used software and app version and provide a step-by-step description how you try to access your server. Please also provide all related error messages from the Nextcloud log file, which usually can be found in the Nextcloud data directory, except you haven’t defined a different location.

I’ve solved the issue.It was a network problem.I couldn’t upload because of IPS configuration on my firewall. Thanks anyways !

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