Cant Upload files to shared links

Hey there,

Im currently facing some issues with my new Nextcloud installation. When I share a Link with Upload + Modify Permissions the Person cant uplod any files. The browser doesnt show any event oder request thats beeing handeled. I can create Folder bur not files.

If I create a link with just upload permission, uploading works.

Thanks for the help


Same problem here. Seems to be a bug with the 16.0.0 update.

I have same problem, it can be temporary solved by a upload only share link.
It looks like a bug in 16.0.0 version.

also the same … can not upload files

Same here, this is very serious bug! Does anyone know if this bug is reported already? Does anyone tried it without any addon?

is ithis problem solved?
as i getting error while downloading.
i cant download, having conflict with cospend, once cospend is removed,
i can download,
if anyone here can guide me to solve my problem