Can't upload files larger than 20MB when using a web browser only

Hello everyone!

I have a small problem: When using a web browser like Chrome or FireFox I can’t seem to upload files larger than 20MB, while I can on the Android app or the Windows Sync app.

When uploading a file larger than 20MB: It finishes the upload and directly says: Target folder “/” does not exist any more

The limit I setup is 1GB, the only thing that doesn’t work is on the web browser…

How could I fix this issue?

PS: I must say I am using it with reverse proxy/ARR on IIS. Nextcloud itself is hosted on Ubuntu with apache2 and php7.0

To rule out the proxy, upload to NC directly.via internal IP or DNS override.
Presumably you’ve edited php.ini under /etc/php/7.0/apache.. too, both max upload and max post

Finally is Apache global config set to allow .htaccess overrides? If so don’t forget to adjust the upload settings in the Admin interface.

Thank you Jason for your reply. I have tested it, and indeed the proxy is the problem! When uploading to nextcloud with the proxy it works great!

Have you any idea how to fix it?

I’m afraid not, but I’d start with monitoring logs during an upload.

I have found the issue. It is a setting in IIS thats causing a limit. Under request filtering there is an option called max. allowed content length wich was configured to around 30mb. The maximum amount however, is 4.2gb!

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Nicely found @MaartenMol :sunglasses: