Can't Upload Anymore

Updated yesterday to the latest version and now I can’t upload files anymore. Drag-and-drop just gives “paused” and “unknown error.” Picking the file goes to calculate and estimate time (which takes several minutes) then eventually uploads the file. It’s very frustrating when drag-and-drop doesn’t work for the same file and the error is “unknown” which doesn’t do any good.

I also don’t understand why it takes over a minute to “estimate time” then the file takes less than 7 seconds???

You’ll need to provide us with the information requested in the support template. We can’t guess the details of your environment.

Also upgraded from what version to what version?

For clues, I’d also suggest you check your:

  • Nextcloud log
  • web server log
  • browser console log (particularly the Network tab)
  • reverse proxy log
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