Can't upgrade from 14.0

I am having a super-frustrating time trying to upgrade the installation of my nextcloud-14. My operating system (FreeBSD) directly upgraded from 14.0 to 19.0 which then broke, because nextcloud doesn’t support upgrading through multiple versions. This is already super-weird, how can you not support this? It breaks all packaging systems :’(

Anyway, so I decided to take the long road over all intermediate versions. I removed the operating system package and after hours found the proper tarballs of 15.0 that contain everything needed (apps and 3rdparty). I upgraded on the command line with php occ upgrade. This passed without errors and upgraded all the apps.

But now the web-server still reports:

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request.
Please contact the server administrator if this error reappears multiple times, please include the technical details below in your report.
More details can be found in the server log.

The Webserver’s (lighttpd) log contains nothing funky and the nextcloud.log is apparently meant for machine-processing (pages and pages of some markup language).

What would be next steps for debugging?

This is my system:
FreeBSD-12.1, lighttpd-1.4.55_1, php73-7.3.20, PostgreeSQL-12

Installed packages are listed here:

Interestingly *DAV access to the nextcloud works, i.e. I can sync Tasks etc and access files via webdavs://
But the website reports being broken.

i already saw some guys having problems using lighttpd as their webserver. after they switched over to apache2 it worked.
I dunno if that is the reason/solution for your problems.

I did a clean re-install (just restoring the config and data). It now works again, also with lighttpd.

Thanks anyway!

Also with Nextcloud 14? Nextcloud 14 is not supported. Do you also use Windows 95 or Windows XP without all Windows 10 features?
Really FreeBSD or Ubuntu? Version?

Do you have much user, shares and other in MariaDB stored information or is it more a store of data-files. If second you can perhaps install the newest Nextcloud 19 (actual operation system), define your users, include all files, re-scan files and create new sharing links (sorry, they are all new). And yes. Please make a backup or delete not the old backup.

First. And then I upgraded to 18 (over all intermediate versions). I will upgrade to 19 when it comes through the stable channel of the auto-updater.

Are you trying to troll me? I haven’t used Windows in almost 20 years and I couldn’t care less about Windows 10 features.

As I said, Postgres and FreeBSD. Please read the post.

In any case, this issue is resolved.

Ok i do not use Windows, too :wink: But Nextcloud 14 was released September 2018 and end-of-life was August 2019. It makes no sense to wait. Similar to FreeBSD-, Debian- or Ubuntu-releases.

Perhaps you misunderstood me. I think perhaps it is easier to install Nextcloud 19 (30 minutes) and define a few new public shares and all is done.