Can't update to NC18 on beta branch

I’m on NextCloud 17.0.3, with the beta channel selected for the updater. It shows, “Your version is up to date” with today’s date/time as the most recent update. Is the beta channel incremental as well?

Don’t think so, is there something in the Log?

Nothing that seems related (email SMTP relay broke, app updates, failed login attempts), and nothing since a 2/19. I’ve run occ update:check which shows, “Everything up to date”

Strange, I just tested it with my 17.03 and it show me the 18.01 just after I switch. Sorry no idea…

Hi @mark100, any news on your issue? I have the same problem with three different installations. All are on 17.03 and I only get ‘Everything up to date’ (stable and beta channel).

No luck yet. Going to try a fresh install of 17.0.3 on a separate vhost to determine if it’s the environment and see if that works.

@Olliver, I found the problem: PHP 7.1 was still being loaded. It looks like I never dropped the PHP 7.1 conf. NC18 docs say 7.2 is the last supported version. Bonus: PHP 7.1 EOL’d back in December. Once I loaded the correct conf file, the updater appeared.


@mark100, awesome. That’s the solution for my case as well. Thank you for sharing.