"Can't update non existing placeholder info" error

So I added a folder sync connect to sync a large folder to my nextcloud overnight. But I’m left with a few errors for the largest files that I can’t seem to dismiss: “Can’t upload non existing placeholder info”. What does this mean? The files show up in Nextcloud web app, but the sync error won’t go away even after restarting Nextcloud.

So I removed and re-added the sync connection, and after a while of checking everything, status is OK. Still, I would like to understand what went wrong

Got the message too. From one moment to the next. Client also freezes and then no longer synced for a very long time.

Very frustrating, all the error messages over the last few months in the Nextcloud client.

When I keep files in sync with a client, I have to trust the program not to destroy the files or lose files in the sync. The amount of problems is already testing the trust in the client.

So that it does not become boring directly a new error message.
“Could not make fd from hande”

Upon adding a folder to sync in Windows 11 a few files gave this error also:

can’t update non existing placeholder info

The files were uploaded, so in effect nothing seems wrong, only the error itself!?

I could resolve the error in a crummy way:

  1. delete the files locally
  2. force a sync => all is well
  3. restore the files from windows trash
  4. force a sync => all is well, including the loss of the faulty(?) error