Can't update NC 16

Hi I have a NC running on a raspberry pi and I avant update to NC 16. Nowadays I have 15.0.8 and today I have received a notification to update NC 15.0.9 but it never find the NC 16 update. I have the stable version selected in the upgrading options but I tried with beta ring and it does not find NC 16. How can I upgrade to NC 16?

Thank you for the help!!!

Which PHP version do you have. IIRC NC 16 needs at least PHP 7.2.

Hi, I would ask the same question.

I had the same problem. On Debian stretch with php 7.0 I couldn’t update to nc16.

Once I upgraded to 7.3 I was able to upgrade to 16.

Debian Buster will probably be released this weekend, which will bring PHP 7.3 from debian repo.
Patience is a virtue.


Yes, it probably has to do with your PHP version. I too am running Stretch, and tried updating PHP and ran into trouble. I am going to wait for Buster.

15 is still getting updates, just not feature updates. I know the wait can be hard, but worth it.

Raspbian Buster has already been released!

I had an upgrade-orgy for buster and NC16 last weekend, that worked out quite well.

You can try ncp-update , the ncp-update-nextcloud, or check if the update is now implemented in ncp-config … Thats all i found. I also used as first try nextcloud pi. Much better, but more expensive is a small server, you build up yourself…

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Christian Anzinger

If you are using NextCloudPi, we follow the production channel, so we wait until version XX.0.2

NC16.0.2 just came out, so you can upgrade through the usual way. If you have nc-autoupgrade-nc enabled it will autoupgrade within a day, otherwise you can do it manually with nc-update-nextcloud (don’t use the NC updater).

I released a Buster version for the pi4 to be tested. Looks good so far

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Yesss! My NextCloudPi had updated during the night, apparently without issues. Fantastic!
Now waiting for the snap package update on my VPS server …

Hi bmatteo,
Finding myself in the exact same configuration, could you give me some tips on howto upgrade my php7.0 to 7.3 on a pi that is already running a NC15 instance ?

Would it be safe to run a full-upgrade in order to go from Stretch to Buster on a pi3B+ that is already running a NC15 instance ?
Same question for an upgrade to php7.3 ?
Would it matter in which order ?

I did the dist upgrade on Monday, it was okay though my previous manual upgrade to php 7.3 may have screwed my php install a bit. I had to reinstall loads of php modules. Once done, it is quite alright, I didn’t have any bad surprises.

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Oups… getting internal server error after upgrade :confused:
logs says
PHP Fatal error , uncaught doctrine, Failed to connect to the database
Damnit !

I dit the mistake to update my nextcloud pi manually to buster. Now the system is Buster, but my nextcloud pov1.15.0 will not start. Anyone who can guide me ?

When running sudo ncp-dist-upgrade , I get these errors:

Fastest route would probably be:
install from scratch using latest image, activate
use backups to restore config,
create users,
run nc-scan.
run ncp-update

I did uninstall php7.3 and reinstalled and now my nextcloud starts, but I get some error from the desktop client: " HEADERS on invalid stream " and also smoe other error: (no e-tag present - skipped due to earlier error.

there’s a process to upgrade to buster… ncp-dist-upgrade