Can't update from to NC 14

Channel: stable
OS: FreeBSD 11.2
WebServer: Apache/NGINX (using proxy_pass).
Current installed NC version:

I am trying to install NC 14, but when I execute “sudo -u www php ./occ upgrade” I get this output: Nextcloud is already latest version

The “Can I update?” app is showing that I can update…

Is this normal? Can I update right now or do I need to wait until there is a update for NC 14?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

This upgrade command is only used after the NC update. It performs some post-update steps like DB migration.

To update your NC server you should either follow the manual update guide or use the web updater.

Thanks @Schmu for the fast answer! I did a manual update and it worked right away. :smiley:

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