Can't sync the same folder/file with another account

Hi team,
Here is what I would like to be able to do, but apparently I can’t. I use Mac desktop version to sync a main folder (which include sub-folders and files) to my NAS, BUT I would also like to sync one of the sub-folder in this main folder to a FTP using another account.
The app doens’t accept this. Any chance this could happen??
Thank you.

Nextcloud won’t copy a file to two places automatically, but you could do it another way. If you set up the FTP as external storage, then you would just copy within Nextcloud from one folder to another. If you sync both folders to the Mac, you could copy from one folder to the other on the Mac. Of course this would mean storing two copies of the data.

Alternatively you could set up a separate process or script on the Mac to copy the synced folder to FTP, not really involving Nextcloud.