Can't "Start Update" NC 11.0.3

Hi there, I just update my NC to 11.0.3, but stuck in “Start Update” button. Can click, but no respon. here is the link

anyone can help?

If you have access via terminal, you can use the occ-command for updates, it normally gives more feedback. If something fails, please check your logfiles (/path/to/nextcloud/data/nextcloud.log).

How can I update via occ-command. any link for tutorials?


I wrote several Nextcloud Tutorials.
HINT: Some details may vary depending on your environment, but the overall process is the same.

It looks like an MySQL problem.
See Screenshot


What hardware do u use (Server or Nextcloud Box)? Maybe u have a memory problem. See this GitHub Issue post

I use server, I think memory is the problem. I’ll see the post, thanks for help