Can't share calendar with contacts

I want to use Nextcloud with the calendar app and share a calendar with my contacts. I added some contacts but when i want to share the calendar with them, they don’t appear in the share “box” on calendar app. Even more strange, unknown contacts names appears like “Admin” “Mike” “cr”, when i try to search for them but they are not contacts that i defined in contact app.
I’m not the one who configured the server. My Nextcloud instance is hosted on Framasoft servers : . I tried with another web host and same problem.
Here are some screenshots:

  • one of the contact that i want to share the calendar with:

  • The problem :

Hi @blakayate,
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You can share calendars only with registered users on Framagenda. If you want to share a calendar with people who are not registered, you need to publish a link (looks from your screenshot like you did) and send them the public URL.
If the user is registered on Framagenda, you need to type their Framagenda username in the input, not their name inside your contacts.

There’s no interaction between calendars and contacts, except being able to add contacts as participants to an event.

Ok i thought that i needed to add people on contact app before sharing the calendar.
I tried another way : i created a new account,logged into it with another browser and tried to share my calendar with it, didn’t work i don’t find the account.
I also typed the related email of the new account, no success.
Something I don’t understand ?

I tested and it works for me when I type tonyf.

I tried with differents account and it’s working. Seems like I wasn’t typing the good username. My bad.
Thanks for the answers.