Can't send Emails

I’m not able to send emails.
The roblem is, that I can’t put in a Mail Adress in the send to box. When I write a Mail Adress here “” and I click in another box after that, the mail Adress disapears.

Is there some kind of trick in using the Mail client?

Thank You!!!

would you mind giving out a bit more informations about your setup, environment, config?

Sorry! Of Course:
My Server is running Openmediavault (Debian). Nextcloud is running in a Docker Container, the Nextcloud Version is, the Version of the Mail App is 0.17.0.

I use the Mail Client to have Acces to two Mail Accounts, one at Google Mail, the other one at Strato. I can read the Mails without problems. Furthermore I can reply an incoming mail. But when I try to write a new Mail and I type in the mail Adress and then I click out of the box, the mail Adress is gone. I guess, that I normaly have to click on a apearing checkbox to confirm the Mail adress, but the Mail Adresses I type in doest’t appear in that checkbox. Take a look at my Screenshot.

Hi Christian

Did you solve the problem?

Make sure, if you write into the addres field, afterwards click on the addres. Then the tick appears on the left side.


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