Can't seem to remove the /index.php/ part in my URL

Hello nextcloud-community,

I hope everyone is fairing well through the pandemic.
I’m currently facing a problem with the redirection of my URL.
The current URL ist something like ***
The URL I’d like to have is *** (without the index.php).

I’ve already read the Nextcloud support page for the topic of “pretty URLS”.
The config.php within the path: /var/www/nextcloud/config was edited with the following parameters:
‘overwrite.cli.url’ => ‘https://***’,
‘htaccess-RewriteBase’ => ‘/’,

After editing the config.php I reloaded htaccess with the correct user as advised by the tutorial.

The /index.php still shows up.

Did I miss something?
Thank you all for your help!

I think that problem might be in the correct parameter name: ‘htaccess.RewriteBase’.
In your description you have a dash “-” character instead of “.” between words “htaccess” and “RewriteBase”.

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Thank you so much @ludekruz !
That was the issue.
It’d probably would have taken me hours to find that typo.