Can't scan on after moving to subdomain

I receive the following error message after moving my nextcloud instance from the domain top level to

Scan failed! The scan for the specified domain failed. Either no Nextcloud or ownCloud can be found there or you tried to scan too many servers.

I’m curious if this is because the same domain name is used and it has just been moved to a subdomain. If this is the case and it won’t scan the subdomain because it already has a record for the top level domain, how do I go about getting the old record removed so that I can scan via the subdomain?

Did you alter the datadirectory in config.php as well?

Why do you use .

Please access and post the error and some logs.
Control all settings for your nextcloud in apache2/nginx and config/config.php .

I use to check the security of my nextcloud server as it is designed? The server itself works fine I just can’t run a scan on the new subdomain. The instance wasn’t specifically moved from webservers just the domain level changed to add a prefix for the sub domain.

Configs are updated and server is functioning as expected, just won’t run a hardening scan from on the new sub domain.

For clarification I will attach a screenshot. The address being used is fully accessible from anywhere externally for my nextcloud server, I have just covered a portion for security. If I change my apache and nextcloud configs to use the top level domain, where I first ran a scan before, it runs without issues. I suspect the hardening scanner is only allowing the original domain and not the subdomain and thinks I’m scanning too many servers.


Is https://<your-nextcloud-domain>/status.php working?

cheers for the reply, yes it is working.