Can't save settings (development)

Hey, i just started to hack on Nextcloud.

when i try to change settings, e.g. a checkbox in “Sharing” the change is not stored.

What am i doing wrong? :slight_smile:

NC Version: latest master
PHP: 7.2.21

Have a look at the browser console for network/javascript errors as well as the nextcloud log to see if something goes wrong there. :wink:

Sorry, i did not mention that i was using DDEV (Docker based PHP development environment).

Native install on Ubuntu works. So this is not a NC issue. Maybe permissions within the docker container.

IIRC there were no JS errors when changing settings. But the ajax request returned “Method not allowed”.

I’ll have a closer look later today.

Thank you.

Here is my working example of using nextcloud with ddev php environment
Note the post-start

APIVersion: v1.9.0
name: nextcloud
type: php
docroot: server
php_version: "7.2"
webserver_type: nginx-fpm
router_http_port: "80"
router_https_port: "443"
xdebug_enabled: false
additional_hostnames: []
additional_fqdns: []
mariadb_version: "10.2"
nfs_mount_enabled: false
provider: default
use_dns_when_possible: true
timezone: ""
    - exec: sudo apt update
    - exec: sudo apt -y install php-mbstring php php-zip php-xml php-common php-gd php-curl
    - exec: sudo apt -y install php-gd php-json php-mysql php7.2-curl
    - exec: sudo apt -y install php-mbstring php-intl php-mcrypt php-imagick php-xml php7.2-zip