Can't open .odt files

I’m just trying out nextcloud as a possible replacement for dropbox and google drive, so I chose to use the simple signup option with a recommended web hoster, and ended up with hostiso. Everything seems to work well, except I can’t open word processing files-- not in the browser or in the iOS apps. In the iOS apps I just get a blank page with [] on it, and the keyboard won’t come up, and in the browser, when I try to open the “About.odt” that comes with the new account, I get the message “Access forbidden: CSRF check failed.”

I was hoping to be able to use the collaborative document editing in nextcloud the way I currently use google drive, so I really need this feature to work in order to use nextcloud! Not sure if this is a nextcloud problem, or if it’s something I need to contact hostiso about.

Thank you!

I didn’t find a reference if they use collabora office or onlyoffice?
If you are subscribed to a hosted solution, it’s normally their job to set up the system correctly and help you with problems.