Can't open GUI on Linux (Desktop Client)

Not sure when it happened, but I remember noticing it before and just not caring enough to search for it. Anyway, I just re-installed Ubuntu (20.10) and installed Nextcloud-Desktop from the PPA. Initial setup went fine, but after first reboot, the little green checkmark (or red x) isn’t showing at the top of my screen (pic attached). Nor can I find a way to open the GUI to add a connection. The current connections are working, I even get notifications about sync errors, but I can’t open the settings screen. Opening the applications menu and selecting “Nextcloud Desktop” appears to do nothing. Like I said, the software is running, but I can’t interact with it. How do I get my settings menu back? I should note that I specifically saw the icon after install but before first reboot.
Screenshot from 2020-11-22 21-56-10

Ok, workaround found. I used htop to kill the running nextcloud --background process and restart is with the command line “nextcloud”. Made my changes, but I’m sure on the next reboot my little checkmark will be gone. Still looking how to make it stay around for always.

Same problem here. Thanks for support!

Same problem here. Nextcloud client works in background, and i can bring up the GUI by starting the nextcloud app again. But there is no window list entry and no tray icon.

Same problem on Pop! OS 20.10 based on ubuntu 20.10. No GUI after boot or reboot.

same problem, here. I found a easy workaround (Ubuntu 20.10) also for other applications:



to $HOME/.config/autostart

More information here: Desktop Client - SysTray Icon does not show on Ubuntu 20.10 · Issue #2597 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub