Can't manage users after upgrade


I’m having some problems upgrading my nextcloud. Hopefully somebody could tell me what is going wrong.

After upgrading I can’t see my users anymore when I navigate to “User(avatar, top right corner)” => “users”. I can see some users but not all of them. I get an error which says “An error occurred. Can’t continue”. (The error is in another language, so it is a rough translation.)

Error message

I tried upgrade to the 21.0.1 and i also tried a minor upgrade to 20.0.9, the problem is the same with both upgrades. (Current version is 20.0.7.)
There are no other problems, everything works fine. I just can’t view the users with the nextcloud admin account.
The users still exist because i can login with them.

Thanks in advance for any help given!

I have found out what was causing this problem.

I have LDAP users who can access an SMB share, they need to define extra login information for this SMB share.

There was one user who didn’t define the extra login information, and this caused this error.

This wasn’t an issue in 20.0.7, but after the upgrade it was an issue.

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