Can't login with default admin credentials

I followed the instructions to install rainloop. I’m using NC 19 via the snap. I then followed the tips at to get the blank page loading.

However, I cannot login to nextcloud with the default credentials provided.

I go to:

and enter user = admin with password = 12345 and receive the error message ‘Authentication Failed’.

After this, I attempted to change the credentials via the ‘Additional Settings’ and the results did not change.

Does anyone know of any solutions?


I think there is an occ command to (re)set the password.

It looks like changing the password (although I haven’t changed it all) might do the trick: . However, since I am using the snap, I cannot access the ‘application.ini’ file via that file path. I have looked around, including in the /snap/ and /var/snap/ directory, and cannot find that file. If this is indeed the solution, I can’t seem to find anything on how to do it with a snap installation.