Can't login to local Nextcloud via HTTP

My environment:

Nextcloud running in Docker on OMV (debian)

I have nextcloud up and running and usually access it via a cloudflared tunnel, via SSL. I also have a local machine that is connected directly to my server via ethernet, and was configured to connect using the local network IP.

I recently reinstalled windows and am trying to reconnect the nextcloud client, but it doesn’t want to connect via http only,

I can enter my url:, and then select ‘retry unencrypted over http (insecure)’ which is fine, but then the client attempts a ssl handshake by opening the browser to the servers local address, and I get a secure connection failed message. It’s worth mentioning that I can access the login page for nextcloud locally, but I can’t actually login, after clicking the login button it tries to login using a https address.

is there any manual way to force the client to link to the server?


I was able to sort this by removing the line ‘overwriteprotocol’ => ‘https’, from the nextcloud config.php file. I then restarted the docker container and connected, and then added the line back in.

It appears that this line needs to be permanently removed in order to keep access via http. So I may look into installing ssl certificates for local access.