Can't login because § character missing in keymap

Hi there,
I have a weird problem. After updateing my nextcloudpi installation something goes wrong. If I start the Dashboard it looks like a new fresh installation. My Data is not showing. Nextcloud is runnig but not nextcloudpi. To solve the problem I wan’t to login via terminal directly to the raspberry. I attached a keyboard, mouse and screen. But I can’t login because because I use the § character in all passwords and I can’t enter it. I try ALT+0167, it does not work. Next I mount the SD card to an other linux system an edit the /etc/default/keyboard file to

XKBLAYOUT=“de, us”
XKBOPTIONS"grp:alt_shift_toggle, terminate:crtl_alt_bksp,grp_led:scroll"

but that doese not work. SSH is deactivated.
How can I change the config to use the § character at login?


What keyboard layout is used? In case of the US keyboard, just checkout where the § sign is …

It’s seems to be the default us version because XKBLAYOUT0=“us” but it can’t enter the §, if I try to enter the password in the username field to see the character I’m typing nothing happens if I press the § key. Also the alt code ALT+0167 does not work.

I’m on the next level in the problem chain. I don’t know why but this morning I can enter the § character maybe the consequences of my second vaccination. If I try to login with the ncp user I see:

NextCloudPi v1.37.0 is up to date
No directory, logging in with HOME=/
This account is currently not available.


Your setup/data is on an external disk? Is this disk mounted (df -h)?

And what exactly did you upgrade, the operating system or just Nextcloud? Or the internal ncp-upgrade command?

Yes it is, all data is accessable

eveything the webgui suggested