Can't login after activating managed xmpp server


i run nc 14. i activated the jsxc managed xmpp server option as per with the aim of being able to use the app via mobile clients.

but once i’ve successfully registered and received my xmpp domain, i am no longer able to log in to the chat app at all, even in the nc web interface. authentication fails and the pword window asks me if perhaps my pword is incorrect (“Authentication failed with the chat server. Maybe the password is wrong?”), but it isn’t, as it is my usual nc one, and i’m logged into nc.

one thing i noticed that seemed a bit strange about the domain: i use a subdomain like, but the domain for xmpp is given only as, not cd that be an issue? this contradicts the managed FAQ, but is automatically decided on when registering so i can’t change it.

actually, if relevant, my nc instance is actually at not sure if that cd make any diff.

if i disable the managed xmpp server, chat logs in again fine next nc login.

appreciate any help / mayb it is helpful for the app devs to know about it.


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I’m facing exactly the same problem.
Hope someone can help us.

Can you open an issue at Because the admin is not around here. Thanks a lot and sorry for the inconvenience.