Can't install the Nextcloud client on Ubuntu 18.04.2


First of all, sorry if I post this on the wrong category: I’m new, and I am getting quite lost with all of these sub-categories !

I’m using the Nextcloud-based solution Framadrive, and I want to install a client to synchronize my drive files on my Ubuntu computer. As I got lost with the number of Nextcloud applications on the Ubuntu Market, I downloaded the Linux client Appimage from

I ran it, and it worked well, my files are synched.

But the Appimage doesn’t want to install, I have to run the file on every start if I want to synchronize my drive on my computer. It’s quite unhandy.

Do you have a solution on how to install the Appimage file ? Or can you indicate me what app I can download from the Ubuntu Market that would work properly ?

Thanks by advance for your answers !

The appimage should work, but you also could try to install it via apt:

Thank you very much, that worked !

Yet now the program wont launch on system startup, but that’s another issue, I guess.

Thanks again !

There is an option to start at system startup, did you activate it?

Of course, I even checked in the Startup Applications on Ubuntu : Nextcloud shows up, but doesn’t run on startup.

Alright, I guess things were quite messed up between the AppImage and the application. I deactivated the option, closed the app, restarted the PC, then activated, closed and restarted, and now it seems to launch on startup properly.

Thanks a lot for your answers !