Cant install Talk

Hi, im new here and dont know much about this. When i click Download and Enable button on Talk and the install suppose to be done but it didnt change anything and there is no Talk button. Can someone help me and guide me how to?

hey @Vincentius and welcome to the forum

where do you expect it to be?

are you sure that the installing process finished successfully?

When you reload the page, is it still possible to enable or is it now “disable”?
Also, do you see something in the log files?

In the menu section (header) in the apps menu there is 2 button disable and remove but after i wait for some meunites it changes from disable to enable and remove. I cant enable it to be precisely

I tried re installing the whole nextcloud and when i install the recomended apps in the nextcloud install menu Mail, Build in collabora server, and Talk cant be installed and give me “App download or installation failed” message. And can what are the minimum requirements (ram cpu mem?) for apps like mail and talk?

i didnt check the log files but i can enable and disable it but nothing happens. When i enable it, few meunites later it disabled by it self.

So why dont you check your log files?