Can't install Nextcloud Hub (v18) On Ubuntu with secondary disk


I would like to test the last version of Nextcloud, which includes ONLYOFFICE.
I tried the install script (as explained here) in order to set things up in a new fresh Ubuntu install.

When prompted in the script, I choose to Automatically configure 2 disks

But then, I get the following issue:

It seems like your VMware secondary volume (/dev/sdb) does not exist.
This script requires that you mount a second drive to hold the data.

Of course, I already attached a new disk to my VMware VM (hosted on ESXi).
I also tried to format it in ext4 and mount it, but still get the same error.
You can see below that the disk sdb and its partition exist:

I don’t know if it’s important to know but it seems that the script unmount my secondary disk since it’s up before running the script but then, it doesn’t appear anymore in my “fdisk -l” result command.

Why do I get this error?
Should I set up the ZFS partition myself?
Is it a bug from the script?

Thank you for your help!

I do not know the script, have never used it and never used VMware, so this is just a guess:

  • Is it possible for the user running the script to access /mnt/ncdata with write permissions?

Yes it is since I launched the script with “sudo”