Can't get nextcloud to install on a fully updated Ubuntu 20.04

I need help or my sanity my finally give up the ghost…

I install a fresh copy of Ubuntu 20.04 on its own drive and it’s all good. I sudo apt update/upgrade and again so far so good. But not matter what web site with instructions I follow there is always a snag somewhere down in the instructions that is either out of date or just throws an error(I am new to Ubuntu).
I have had a snap version working once but it would not let me use external storage which I need it to. I may have found the work around but I since deleted that install. Strangely no matter what and for the life of me I can’t get nextcloud to install…even tried the windows 10 wsl route…nope.
Is there a tutorial site that is recommended by you guys that is tested/uptodate

I don’t know much about Ubuntu but I followed the guide on the Digital Ocean website for install of Nextcloud on CentOS 8 (actually Rocky Linux in my case). I recall they had a guide for your version of Ubuntu, so it may be worth a try following that. After install on Rocky, I did have a few SELinux issues to sort out but as a RHEL ecosystem user I am used to that sort stuff.

Hello and thanks for the reply,
I think therein lays my problem… although I enjoy using and messing about with Linux in reality I know not what I am doing(copy/paste) lol.
When I had the snap version running I could not have been happie…until the dreaded problem with external storage came along. My other issue is: My ISP allows me a static Ip for a selected device and also port forwarding rules for said device. (I chose my noiseless Linux tablet/pc). When I do a ‘whats my ip’ although it remains the same it’s not the one I chose from my BT router. Are there several internal/external IP and which on does nextcloud need to know (host name ?).
Many thanks

I use this instruction:

Nextcloud on Debian with Apache2
Nextcloud on Ubuntu with Nginx

I think you can combine them e.g. Nextcloud on Ubuntu with Apache2.

Ok. Why not install Android on iPhone or iOS on Android devices?
And if it works … what do you do then? Do you want to use Nextcloud on windows 10 wsl?
I hope not.

Snap has got a lot of disadvantages. I do not know if you really want to use it.


It’s just couple of commands with snap version

  1. sudo snap install nextcloud
  2. sudo nextcloud.manual-install your_user_name your_password
  3. sudo nextcloud.occ config:system:set trusted_domains 1 --value=your.ubuntu.ip.address


NextCloud can now be accessed via http://your.ubuntu.ip.address using the user name password you set with step 2.

For accessing external storage, just one command

  1. sudo snap connect nextcloud:removable-media