Can't get Nextcloud to initialize with cifs mount

I’ve been trying for a week now to get Nextcloud working with Docker-Compose. I’ve mounted a Hetzner 1TB storage box using CIFS mount on Ubuntu.

When I use the HDD on the VM, Nextcloud works fine (used it for a couple weeks). When I swap the volume bind mount to the path of the cifs mount, I see files getting written, but it just hands on “Initializing Nextcloud” indefinitely. I even let it run overnight to no avail.

What are my options here? The storage box is just a standard NAS storage volume and out of ideas.

Every attempt I’ve personally seen where someone tried to host the entire system on a SMB mount has failed. It may not be possible.

interesting to hear that. What is the most recommended approach for adding 1TB?

You can add all the space you want. Just not on a SMB mount in your OS. Nextcloud requires very specific permissions for the web root and data folders, and I think it’s just not compatible.

You can add the SMB storage as an external storage folder in Nextcloud if that will work.

Is this the most recommended method?

Yes, that’s the external storage app.