Can't find people from other AD groups when share folder and search by first name only

Hello there! It’s me again :slight_smile:

I am struggling with the following case:

We in our comapny are using an ActiveDirectory.
So I connected my AD with my Nextcloud and filtered groups (and user of those groups) to be displayed under “users” in Nextcloud.
There are 3 AD Groups who are allowed to login (via AD Credentials) and in those 3 groups are about 15 people. Those people are able and allowed to login.
Until here everything works fine.

Here are some screenshots:

Server config:

User Settings for AD/LDAP:

Group Settings for AD/LDAP:

Login Settings (this works fine):

But now my problem:

For example I am in group x (rt) and I try to share a folder with someone from group y (administration). When doing this, I cannot find the person by just his/her first name. If I search for his/her first- and last name I can find him/her.

When I am in the same group with the person I am trying to share something with, I can easily write some letters of the first name in the search field and I can find the person I want to share something with.

Users / Groups

Can I fix this somehow? Did I do something wrong in my configuration?
I searched for hours and did not find a solution.

My NC Configuration
Debian 10 Buster
Apache: Server version: Apache/2.4.38 (Debian)
Server version: 10.3.31-MariaDB-0+deb10u1 Debian 10
PHP 8.0.17
NC Version:

Thanks in advance

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Have you checked the settings in:

Settings → Administration → Sharing

There are some parameters e.g.
Allow username autocompletion in share dialog

yep, thats what I did. Sorry for not mentioning it. Here a screenshot:


The same if I search for another group to share a folder with.

When I type the exact group name, I can find it
If I just search for a part of the group name, it wont appear.

Ok, it seems like this “bug” was already discovered:


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Perhaps you find an issue or you can write an issue here.

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