Can't find changelog of NC 20.0.8

Hello to all,
I just saw that there is a new update to Nextcloud 20.0.8…but I can’t find a changelog for it.


Cheers Frank

This is pretty much usual for an NC update, someone asks this almost every time there is a release. They have a habit of pushing updates before publishing the changes. Hold on for a day and the changelog will almost certainly appear at Changelog – Nextcloud. I was just looking myself, hoping that 2.0.8 includes a fix for a problem viewing PDFs from public shared folders. You can always take a look at the commit log for the 20.0.8 tag on GitHub too, although that’s not so easy to digest.

It’s probably worth holding off for a little while anyway, I’m trying to update one of my servers at the moment and it’s getting stuck on downloading the update, I think their servers must be under an unusually heavy load due to the update and NC21 going stable.