Can't Download files with Android App

Hi guys,

This issue is both OC / NC related. For some time (not sure how long, but might be as long as owncloud9.0 release), Android mobile app cannot download any file resulting in “Download failed” message on the client side. I’m running (since today) nextcloud 9.0.51 with LDAP auth backend and encryption.
I was hoping that by upgrading the error will be gone . Unfortunately it’s still there after upgrade to Nextcloud. My Server logs indicate that it ‘Couldn’t decrypt the file’ suggesting it is shared by someone else. However that’s not the case as the files are owned by user. Worth mentioning are those facts:

  • I can upload files via android app
  • If I create normal user (via occ not ldap) the issue is gone, and user can download.

I have found this thread on github.

  • Is anyone else experiencing this?
  • Does anyone else runs similar setup around here and could test it out?

Does this happen with new users as well? And with newly uploaded files? Idea is that some initial encryption perhaps failed and it’s only these files (or a previously shared folder)? If you can clearly reproduce it, you can also open a bug report on

It happens to all users. New and old. I think something must have gone wrong when updating oc8 to oc9. You can follow the discussion and setps taken in the linked github issue above.
I will get back to the issue by the end of august so I should have more information to share.
Thanks a lot for taking your time to answer.

Ok, I see you tried nearly everything. I think it is the best to raise this topic on the bugtracker of the core:

I found the problem I’m having with my setup, but I find it very odd.

Basically removing mail attribute from “Email Field” in Advanced LDAP settings solves the issue.
I have no clue as to why this is happening. Could someone try to verify they have the same issue? (ldap+encryption).

@blizzz should be able to help you with ldap-questions.

@muppeth could you create an issue on Github, please?

@blizzz good news. My issue was related to owncloud 9 (and for testing nextcloud 9). I posted the issue here as I thought you guys might know or not about the issue. I did deploy nextcloud some months ago and this issue was also there.

Today, before submitting the bug I decided to update owncloud to nlatest extcloud on my test machine, and guess what. Problem isn’t there anymore \o/ I have to test it on more users and see everything is tip top, but it looks like my nightmare is over. I will update the original bug report on owncloud and hope maybe the guys there will find the reason.

As I was planning to jump ship to nextcloud it only makes me happier I can proceed with update. Good work you guys :smiley:

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Cool, thanks for the update :smile: