Can't download files for upgrade 29.0.2

I am stuck on downloading files for update from 29.0.0 to 29.0.2. It say’s: Downloading with a red cross.
I trued it a couple of times. Is there a Nextcloud server problem?

Are you referring to the built-in Updater in web mode?

Or are you talking about downloading the archive file in your browser (e.g. from the “Download now” link under Admin settings or via Download and install Nextcloud)?

If via the built-in Updater, you can check for clues in the updater.log file in your data directory.

For what it’s worth, I can access the download site ( and download the v29.0.2 image just fine at the moment.

If using the Updater, you might also try running it in command-line mode. Sometimes more information is visible there: Upgrade via built-in updater — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

P.S. Have you upgraded before? I only ask because it’s a decent size download (~230MB).

I left it to go to work. And now this morning it had downloaded the files. It was waiting for confirmation to install. I did conferm and it did fine. I am up and running 29.0.2.
I guess it was a temporarry server hick-up.

To be complete: it was the internal tool.

And thanks for the reaction.