Can't delete fodlers from external storage (local)

I was able to add external storage from host which is being used by Syncthing - another container on the same host. Synthing is running as same user as Nextcloud (www-data). Adding files and folders to external storage (local) works from Nextcloud. Deleting files - works. Deleting folders - does not work.

At the moment of folder deletion I’m seeing two errors in the Nextcloud logs:

rename(//home/foegra/docker-images/st-sync/Eddie/DCIM/test,//mnt/ncdata/ry65FjTN/files_trashbin/files/test.d1689162832): Cross-device link at /var/www/html/lib/private/Files/Storage/Local.php#378


rename(): The first argument to copy() function cannot be a directory at /var/www/html/lib/private/Files/Storage/Local.php#378

After refreshing page - folder is actually gone but not moved to system trash.
Deleting files works and files appear in Trash.

What is the problem?