Can't Delete Files from Group Folders

Nextcloud version = 15
Ubuntu version = 16.04 lts
PHP version = 7.0

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a group folder
  2. Delete file from within group folder

Expected behaviour

File to be deleted/moved to trashbin

Actual behaviour

Error thrown "Error deleting file “filename”.

Many entries for “Could not find mount point, can’t keep encryption keys” in the log.

(Copy paste from

Has someone found a solution for that ?

Still have the problem and haven’t found a solution :frowning:

Same problem here. Same versions too.

I didn’t try to reactivate it.
But many problem was solve once i updated my php to 7.3
Like the speed of the cloud and that my transfers no longer crash.

I will reactivate it and tell you if it is working

I uninstalled the default encryption module, and the group folders started working as expected.

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Same Here !

I did the same, even though I think that this cannot be the preferred solution to uninstall a default app in order to get another app back to work correctly when deleting files or folders.

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