Can't create new passwords

I can’t store any new passwords anymore, and if I try to auto-generate a new one, I’m getting an Internal Words API error.

internal words api error

If I try to save a new password, this happens:

creating password failed

I am running the Nextcloud snap on an Rpi4. This behavior started a couple of days ago and did not get fixed. I did not change any settings, so this seemed to have come out of nowhere.

Ah and I can’t connect anymore from my Chrome plugin.

Error: URL invalid or API disabled.

I can reach Nextcloud, so the URL is definitely not “invalid”.

Have you tried setting a different words service in the app settings in the admin area?
Otherwise is there any error related to password creation in the Nextcloud logs?

That error message refers to the url in the extension settings. You might want to check that.

Thanks - unfortunately, when I click “Logging”, the wheel just keeps spinning… never completes. Is there another way to view the Nextcloud snap logs? Can’t find anything in syslog…

Nextcloud usually keeps the log in the data folder of the Nextcloud installation. This log is in a JSON format and really hard to navigate. Look for entries where the app is passwords and the level is 2 or higher.