Can't create a folder in Edge (Enterprise PC) BUT can create a folder in Edge (Home PC)

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Hello, I’m a newbie…

Nextcloud version (eg, 18.0.2): 20.0.1
Cloudamo Hosting

The issue you are facing:
With the same account, same NextCloud instance :

  • From an Enterprise PC with Edge Chromium : I can upload a file but i can’t create a folder (error message : can’t create folder xxx")
  • From my Home PC with Edge Chromium : I can create a folder

So it’s not linked to my rights
So linked to my office environment => web browser settings or Proxy or…

Any advice ?

Perhaps different versions, adblocker, url filter, …
Can you test with a different browser at your Enterprise PC ?

Thanks devnull,
No access to my Enterprise PC: Edge Chromium is the only browser allowed

Test account from
Password is: demo

Same behaviour : ok to upload or delete a file ; Unable to create a folder or a document

Same behaviour. After analysis, it appears to be link to security policy.Witch one ? I don’t know !