Can't connect via Android client

I have a fresh install of Nextcloud 11.0.2. It’s installed on a debian OS with OMV 3.0 and running on MySQL and nginx, php 5.6. It’s running on a server at home. I setup an NOIP DNS to get external access. I have a self signed certificate.

I can connect /upload /download with an admin or user account, thru WAN or LAN but only via the web app. I cannot connect via android client as I get stuck on the account setting page with “unknown error” at url validation. Whatever with a local IP or the WAN DNS.

I have seen a few post that shows a similar problem and none of the “easy solutions” worked or was too complicated for my beginner’s knowledge.

I did not find any usefull info in the nginx error and access logs, but I’m not sure to look at the right place.

I would be pleased to get some help or at least some directions to search for.


First have a look into the bruteforce-table in your nextcloud database…

Or if you have IpV6, switch it of for your network or only for your android device.

Hello @Soko ,

In the bruteforce-table there was about 20 entries due to users still in owncloud android client from a previous owncloud install. Entries were with local and WAN IP of my phone, so that could have done the trick.
I removed these old accounts from my phone, cleared the bruteforce table and retried to connect from Nextcloud client : No success, I still have “unknown error” right after IP is entered, don’t even have the possibility to enter the user name.
One little difference if I try to connect with Owncloud client : I get a warning about self signed certificate that I don’t get with NC client but at the end the same “unknown error”.

IP V6 is already disabled on my network.

Having restarted the server, error message changed, no more “unknown error” but translated from French something like " Wrong server configuration", probably one step forward.

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edit 2 :slight_smile: : Server restart

Problem solved,

That was comming from nginx config, the first header line was spread over two lines :
_> add_header Strict-Transport-Security "max-age=15768000; _
> includeSubDomains; preload;";

Back in one line the android client connects flawlessly.


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