Can't connect to Netxcloud from Tailscale in GNOME

I’m trying to add my Nextcloud account to GNOME to be able to mount it. However, it never works. Seems like it has an issue when connecting to internal or private IP’s, and not public ones.

I am using Tailscale, which creates a network, giving all your devices a private IP. In the web browser, Linux and Android Nextcloud app, I can use the private IP given to my server to access it, and it works fine. However, when I try to add the Nextcloud account to GNOME from the settings app, it just freezes and never loads.

r/gnome - Can't connect to Nextcloud account from Private IP

If I try to mount it directly from Nautilus, with davs://server/nextcloud , davs:// (The Tailscale Private IP), or (The real private IP, not the one from Tailscale) I get this error:

r/gnome - Can't connect to Nextcloud account from Private IP

I tried to install other file managers to see if they can connect. With Caja and Nemo, which as far as I know, are based on Nautilus, show this error, preventing from even entering the server’s address.

Tailscale assigns it’s own custom ip range. You can check it by logging into tailscale and seeing the ip it has assigned to your nextcloud box. Will not be 192.168. local, but something else.

You’ll also need to add this ip as a trusted domain in Nextcloud. You should be able to add both your local ip and tailscale ip.

You were right, that was the wrong IP. The Tailscale IP is something like [redacted]

However, even when adding all IPs to the trusted domains, I still can’t access it. I get this error:


Try restarting your server. And, of course, make sure you are actively using Tailscale on the client machine.

I tried that, but it still does not work…

Then you’ll need to sort it out with Tailscale support by reading their documentation or asking their forum and pasting a link to it here.

For here,

Hi @Seb2,
You are missing the required support template. Please fill this form out and edit into your post.

This will give us technical info and logs needed to help you, but do note tailscale networking is outside of what we can problem solve in regards to Nextcloud itself. Thanks.