Can't connect to circles


I create an federated CIRCLE and other members of an Telegram group also. Now we would connect the clouds in to this circle.
That works with my Testcloud on the same server.
But i can’t share an folder or file to that server.
Then I get these error message on the circle hosted cloud.

der Error bei mir Sharing streaming Musik failed, could not find 0464bb62fb61@cloud.domain.tld, maybe the server is currently unreachable or uses a self-signed certificate.

On the requested server I the at the circles “link up” but I can’t share files with that server. But why?

The certificates are signed with letsencrypt.

What’s wrong?

No, Circles does not manage remote/federated file sharing yet.
Yes, this will be implemented in a future release.

Okay, with the federated id only you can exchange files. But what can I do with the circles at this time?

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circles provide a library for other apps to allow federated shares throw circles. Sadly, as of today, the File Sharing app does not support Circles.

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Thanks for clarify this.