Can't Connect to App Store Command Line Or GUI

I am on NC 24.06 All checks passed, clear error log. with php8.1-fpm, mysql8, redis, and apache2.

I can somehow update apps, but I cannot connect to the nextcloud app store from command line, nor from GUI.

./occ app:install bookmarks returns an error.

Confused… help :-/

What might that error be?

@KarlF12 Sorry about that. I was working late night trouble-shooting. I just woke up and want to reply to your post… only to discover that the problem has miraculously vanished.

The problem appears to have been a transient network issue. I have literally done nothing to my server (based in Hong Kong) since my last post except sleep. Now via command ./occ app:install bookmarks works as expected and via GUI, I can now reach the nextcloud app store.

Perhaps Nextcloud needs a better/more mirror server(s) for Asia? I have had this error previously, this was the first time I posted about it.

Anyway, happy morning, problem “resolved” before coffee :coffee::coffee:

(Yes, on the next occasion I will post the detailed error. My bad.)

Hi, can you first try to update to 24.0.8 or 25.0.2 and see if this resolves your issue?

@szaimen I am on 24.06… and the issue seems to have resolved itself… I am about to update to 24.08 now, just for maintenance upkeep. This seems like more of an app store network connectivity issue, more than anything else.

It’s really hard to say… could have been anything… You’d have to do a dig and traceroute while it’s not connecting to get an idea.