Can't configure external storage App


Hey, i try to talk English,

I want to activ External stockage to my Nextcloud. I don’t understand how it works.
I have two nextcloud server. 1 on my VPS and 1 other on my Rasp in my home.
I want to connect my nextcloud VPS to my nextcloud sever at home to retrieve the files on this one.

So, i want to create external link between them. So, in my VPS i want to configure "external stockage nextcloud ":

But i don’t understrand how it work. I also need to create this link in my nextcloud at home ?
So i need to configure my two nextclodu server ? And what i need to put on this configuration :
Remote sub-folder
URL (my nextcloud at home URL i suppose)
folder name

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: