Can't complete installation (needs CAN_INSTALL)

Hi, I tried to install Nextcloud multiple times on my webspace. This space is hosted and I don’t have command-line access. I can only get access via ftp.
I create a directory on the webspace and a brand new MySQL database. PHP is version 7.4.32.
It all works fine until I get to the point where I create my admin user. I enter all the data and send it off. It takes some seconds until a message comes back saying it seemed like I was updating and it lacked the “CAN_INSTALL” file.
But the file is there. I read someone replace the config.php from some archive but I don’t have an archive as I just start. I also read that maybe the permissions are not set correctly which I can’t verify - and as I set, I can’t run CLI commands.

What can I do? Any ideas?
Thanks for your help for a beginner.

Is PHP 8.1 available? This version is deprecated.

I’m not sure what access you have to file permissions, but all files must be owned by the web server user (www-data or whatever it is). Permission should be 750 on folders and 640 on files.

Thanks for caring :slight_smile: I checked all folders and files and saw they were all fine. Than I wanted to go back to the installation process and browsed to the domain just to find (that is embarrasing) that the installation had completed despite the error message.

So it is all good and running. I really appreciate your quick help.