Cant change user-email-address


cant change emailaddresses of users. After editing a users email and klicking the apply button, the email is still the old one.

I am logged in as user admin with admin privileges. Version is Nextcloud Hub 3 (25.0.1). Its the Nextcloud appliance from Hansson IT.

No Event logged in Admin > Logging and no errors in the WebUI.

Tried to relog as admin and also rebooted the server.

Any Ideas?

What happens if you use occ to change the email address?

Changing email with occ worked.

Whats wrong with the web-gui?

FYI: With Hansson IT Nextcloud Appliance you can use the OCC alias. For example:

sudo -u
nextcloud_occ user:setting username settings email “new@e.mail”

So, i can change email addresses over the web GUI again and I dont know why.

I think the problem was, that the SMTP-Server was not functional.

Can this be a possible reason?