Can't change max_upload_filesize

I can’t change "Max upload filesize on File handling in settings.
That value is fixed at 10GB and I can’t change it. I’m not reflected even if I change that value and wait for more than 5 minutes. It remains 10GB.

For example, set the value of max_upload_filesize to 256MB in php.ini. For nginx, set client_max_body_size to 256MB. I can’t change the “max upload size” even if I change these settings. Since I don’t have 10GB of data, I can’t verify that I can upload it. However, 300MB of data can be uploaded.

How can I adjust the maximum upload size?

Is this related? Recently the following errors have come to occur frequently.

Unknown: send of 5 bytes failed with errno=32 Broken pipe at Unknown#0

I think this error will stop momentarily due to an error and restart immediately so that it is not fatal.

Nextcloud 13.0.2 / CentOS 7.5 / Nginx 1.13.8 / PHP 7.1.18 / MariaDB 5.5.56

This problem has not been solved yet.

I also referred to the following topics.

Adjust the permissions of files and directories, nginx.conf, php.ini, the pool value, done them all. What I do is “10GB” on Nextcloud. For nextcloud/.htaccess and .user.ini, the value specified in Nextcloud is registered as it is. Regardless of whatever values are registered in those files, the display in Nextcloud is 10GB.
When I specified in PHP.ini etc., looking at phpinfo, upload_max_filesize is registered in my way.
For example, I made nginx.conf and php.ini as close as possible to the initial state, but 10GB did not change.

What exactly is 10GB specified?

Nextcloud 14.0.3 / CentOS 7.5 / Nginx 1.13.8 / PHP 7.1.23 / MariaDB 10.2.8

I set upload_max_filesize to 0 in php.ini. I set upload_max_filesize to 0 in php.ini. I set client_max_body_size to 0 in nginx.conf. Are there any other items to set?
Even if I do all these, I will be “10GB” in Nextcloud. These values are set in phpinfo().

I only think that Nextcloud is overwriting “10GB”. Is not it a legitimate way anymore, can I forcibly remodel the source?

Finally I found a solution. For some reason by setting “upload_max_filesize” of php.ini to “128M”, I can freely specify the maximum upload size. If max_upload_filesize is not “128M”, it will be fixed to “10GB”. It can not be smaller or larger than “128M”.
After that time, the value specified as the maximum upload size of the basic setting item of Nextcloud is recognized. And the value specified here is reflected in PHPINFO.